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We combined our swimming pool construction experience and our concrete resurfacing knowledge to become a specialized pool resurfacing contractor in Plano, Texas. Although we were used to building new swimming pools, we realized many people in North Dallas really needed their pools resurfaced and remodeled.
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So, we shifted gears from building new pools to remodeling and resurfacing existing pools. It proved to be the right decision. Now we have a faster turnaround time, unlimited work, and more satisfied customers. With our skills, knowledge, and experience, the other pool resurfacing companies in Plano cannot even come close to our low prices and excellent workmanship. We won’t have the absolute cheapest price, but we will have the best overall value.


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Based on 31 reviews
Kerri Yates
Kerri Yates
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Plano Pool Resurfacing is the best pool company I have ever dealt with. Terry, the project manager, is exceptional. His crew worked on my pool, removing coping stones, fixing cracks, adding new tiles, and sealing the pool. Whenever I had a concern, Terry promptly sent his crew to address the issues and ensure my satisfaction. I can always rely on Terry to do an excellent job!
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The service was awesome! They kept me informed and made sure the job was done right every day, throughout the entire process. Their pricing for a complete pool resurfacing was very competitive. They also made sure all the equipment was working properly even after the job was finished. I highly recommend them!
Sassy Brown
Sassy Brown
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Plano Pool Resurfacing is a company that operates with integrity, and I highly recommend them to anyone who appreciates working with such reputable companies. They fulfilled their promise to fix my plaster issue, and they did an excellent job. The workers were professional and friendly, with Terry standing out as an exceptional individual. I will entrust all my future pool work to them, and I would recommend them to everyone else.
Albert Kibagendi
Albert Kibagendi
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Terry was very easy to work with, and he provided fast service. The crew that came to our house did an excellent job. They were knowledgeable about the repairs needed and completed them quickly, leaving everything looking great. They also made sure to clean up the work area afterwards. We will definitely keep Plano Pool Resurfacing contact information for any future pool work we may need.
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Terry and his team were wonderful to work with. He promptly answered all of our questions, and the entire process was completed quickly. The new tile and plaster look amazing, it feels like we have a brand new pool.
Andrew Oviedo
Andrew Oviedo
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We are absolutely thrilled with our pool remodel! Terry was extremely professional and kept us updated throughout the entire process. We couldn't have asked for a better experience. I would highly recommend him to all my friends and family who are thinking about remodeling their pools. I did a lot of research and get multiple quotes, and Plano Pool Resurfacing offered the best value for the services I wanted. The quality of their work is truly impressive! We are incredibly happy that we chose them for our remodel.
Erica Gaspar de Alba
Erica Gaspar de Alba
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Our pool, which is over 40 years old, looks fantastic after a remodel by Plano Pool Resurfacing last week. The team from Plano Pool Resurfacing, including the tiling and re-plastering experts, were highly skilled, efficient, and polite. Terry was easy to work with and always responded promptly. We strongly recommend them for any pool-related work you may have.
Maria Sumski
Maria Sumski
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Terry and his team did a great job resurfacing our old swimming pool and spa. Both were in need of renovation, and they were able to make them look and feel brand new again. We are extremely satisfied with the end result and couldn't be happier with how everything turned out.
Jenn Robles
Jenn Robles
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The team at Plano Pool Resurfacing was fantastic! They communicated with me throughout the entire pool remodeling process and kept me updated on every adjustment they made to the initial plan. We had looked into five different pool remodeling companies and feel so fortunate to have chosen Plano Pool Resurfacing. They are honest, reliable, and knowledgeable in their field. I highly recommend them!
EmmaLee Daniels
EmmaLee Daniels
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The team that worked on our pool remodeling project did an incredible job from start to finish. They were professional, responsible, and easy to work with throughout the planning, design, construction, and clean up phases. I highly recommend them to anyone.

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Pool Resurfacing

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Pool Remodeling

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Pool Plastering

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Pool Equipment Installation

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Pool Deck Resurfacing

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12+ Years of Experience in Pool Resurfacing & Remodeling


Pool Resurfacing Contractor in Plano, Texas

Pool Resurfacing

Ensuring routine pool resurfacing is an essential aspect of maintaining your pool's longevity. Over time, Plano Pool Resurfacing recognizes the wear and tear caused by weathering and frequent use. Our meticulous maintenance includes addressing minor leaks and cracks, followed by expert refinishing. The outcome is a revitalized appearance, restoring both aesthetic appeal and extending the pool's lifespan for years to come.
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Pool Remodeling

Elevate your pool experience with Plano Pool Resurfacing your go-to pool remodeling experts in Plano. Our dedicated team specializes in comprehensive pool remodeling, repairs, and upgrades. From addressing cracks to integrating modern equipment and enhancing aesthetics, we've got you covered. Explore how we can collaborate to transform your pool into a haven of lasting memories and unparalleled relaxation.
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Pool Plastering

Enhance your pool's durability and aesthetics with the premier pool plastering contractor in Plano. Keeping up with pool maintenance is essential, as overlooking minor repairs can result in more significant problems later on. Our expert team at Plano Pool Resurfacing specializes in top-notch pool plastering and resurfacing, replacing worn-out coatings to protect your pool's structure and visual appeal. With a range of finishes to choose from, we customize solutions to meet the specific needs of your pool.
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Pool Equipment Installation

Revamp your pool's performance and efficiency with the pool equipment installation services provided by Plano Pool Resurfacing. As your pool undergoes the inevitable wear and tear, it's essential to focus on maintenance and equipment upgrades. Our expertise lies in the installation and replacement of various swimming pool equipment, from filters and pumps to lights and automation systems. We prioritize top-tier brands and energy-efficient options to ensure elevated levels of safety, convenience, and cleanliness.
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Pool Deck Resurfacing

Revitalize your tired pool deck with Plano Pool Resurfacing. As a leading pool deck resurfacing contractor, we expertly restore and upgrade decks using materials like pavers and stamped concrete. Our meticulous process ensures a lasting refreshed look. Transform your pool deck with us today!
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Plano Pool Resurfacing & Plastering – Let Us Tell You More About Our Business

Our beloved city of Plano is not the capital of pools or the place where they were invented but they definitely play a significant role in our lifestyle and our ability to endure the expansive, intense heat.

As Texans, we love our city, the weather, and aren’t afraid to go big! If it were up to us, we would be the world’s pool capital and our team is ready to contribute towards this goal.

The variety of surfaces and finishes available for your pool deck is surprisingly large. In addition to the old-school Portland cement plaster, we can offer aggregate blends, fiberglass, tiles, Diamond Brite, Hydrazzo, and even pebble or quartz-based finishes. Learn more about the most popular options below.

  • Concrete – A good old-fashioned coat of Portland cement has two main advantages. It’s relatively affordable and can last up to 10 years, but the average is typically around 7 years. Potential repairs tend to be less costly, even if they happen more frequently than with some of the higher-tier options. If you choose a colored concrete blend, it’s also highly customizable.
  • Aggregate Cement – This is similar to standard cement, but with some granite or quartz thrown in for extra durability or a bit of shimmer. Depending on the exact blend, aggregates can also be used to enhance or darken colored concrete
  • Fiberglass – A great option for those who have children or pets, this is the most accessible surface to keep clean, thanks to its nonporous texture. It’s also easy to customize and install, especially in irregularly shaped pools.
  • Tiles – For those who want to explore their artistic patterns and vintage-inspired design choices, tiles can be an excellent investment! Tiles are generally regarded as a premium coating option with an extensive range of qualities and finishes among the tiles themselves. They also last very long and allow for easy, localized repairs.

If you’re looking for the best possible pool resurfacing in Plano or have doubts about each option’s perks, just contact us. We can help you improve your existing pool, increase its appeal, add security features such as non-slip floors or expansions, or even redo your whole deck!

Cost-conscious? Learn more about the cost of concrete pool resurfacing in Plano

Concrete pool resurfacing is the most budget-friendly option for people who want to remodel their pool. If you decide you want concrete, you still have several options you can explore and each one of them will allow you to customize your pool’s final look, add a bit of resistance, or simply keep your final budget on a tight leash.

The first choice you need to make is the material you want. This will be the most significant factor in the cost of your pool resurfacing. Plain concrete, aggregate, colored blends, and pebble finish all have slightly different prices per square foot.

Your pool’s size and shape will affect the size of your final budget. Estimates for materials are usually calculated per square foot and irregular shapes or curved edges are more time-consuming to work with.

Out of all types of concrete, standard cement tends to be the most inexpensive. Colored concrete options, on the other hand, don’t increase the price by much but do add a lot of opportunities to customize.

Higher-end options, such as aggregate, take décor to the next level and add extra durability to the package. Diamond Brite pool resurfacing is a crowd favorite. It comes in various colors and adds a beautiful glimmer to your pool surface that will make it look like an oasis with this proprietary blend lasting up to 12 years instead of 7. It’s also very easy to maintain. Acid-washing treatments are necessary every five years but are not difficult to do.

Need a pool resurfacing option in Plano, but your budget is a bit tight? Consider a Diamond Brite upgrade if you are looking for a solid investment with long-term maintenance savings!

Fiberglass pool resurfacing: The cost of keeping your family healthy

When trying to choose the right material to coat your pool deck, it may seem hard to strike the right balance between cost, durability, and beauty.

If you’re considering adding a fiberglass surface, keep in mind that size will be the most crucial factor for you. Fiberglass is notoriously friendly for curvy edges and irregular or custom-shaped pools, which only adds to its many advantages.

Unlike concrete, fiberglass is not only easier to apply around curves, but it’s also nonporous. This will limit the growth of any algae or bacteria that could harm your family’s health. Although a bit more sensitive to heavy banging, it also allows for localized repair jobs should you get any cracks on the surface.

The cost of a fiberglass pool repair job will depend on the size of the crack. However, you can rely on our expertise to ensure everything is done efficiently. We’ll leave your pool looking like new in no time!

Interested in a quality fiberglass pool resurfacing in Plano? Just give us a call or send us some pictures of your pool and tell us the size and we’ll work on a quote for you!

Pool replastering, pool deck resurfacing, and pool tile repairs in Plano

The Plano Pool Resurfacing Company is not just one of the most experienced pool resurfacing companies in the area, we’re also one of the most versatile ones! We offer a wide range of pool remodeling and repair services and our workers have extensive experience in each field.

Just tell us what you need

  • Someone to replace your pool tiles
  • Fixing cracks on your fiberglass pool surface
  • Deck repair jobs
  • Resurfacing your pool deck
  • Maintaining or beautifying your pool deck
  • Replacing ladders or handrails

Whether you need us to redo the entire area or do a quick standalone job, just give us a call. No job is too small for us and no project is too ambitious!

We can repair the damaged area, re-polish it, and leave it like nothing ever happened. We can also fill in any cracks, repair or replace the tiles that didn’t make it, or give you a completely new texture or pattern.

If fresh starts and new beginnings are more your thing, please ask for our complete pool resurfacing service. We can install décor accents, provide you with a luxurious pebble finish, and change your pool deck area’s overall look!

Why work with the experts at Plano pool resurfacing company?

Many of us are used to simply keeping an all-purpose handyman on our quick contact list. We have this person check our plumbing, clean our gutters, or do a quick pool repair job. By calling the Plano Pool Resurfacing Company, you’ll be getting real specialists to tackle your project.

Here’s what we can offer.

  • Knowledge and the ability to share it: We’ll walk you through the process and guide you in making the most efficient and beautiful choices that fit your budget and purpose.
  • Credentials: Our workers have all been extensively trained. They have the best recommendations we can offer: those of our past customers. Just ask to see pictures of our past jobs!
  • Reliable work schedules: We understand that having contractors in your backyard is a hassle. We want to help you keep discomfort to a minimum by working on a realistic schedule for each step of the process. A rushed job may not be the best job, so we’ll give you a thoroughly-planned one instead!
  • Comprehensive warranty and maintenance: We don’t forget our customers when the job is done. We stand by our work, call you when recommended maintenance is due, and make ourselves available if any problems arise.

We are a service-oriented team of professionals with a love for landscaping and a weakness for perfection. We have built a reputable name by training each crew member in our philosophy and cultivating a unique skillset for pool resurfacing. Give us a call or send us a message so we can put our skills at your service!

FAQs about Plano Pool Resurfacing

Do you still have some questions about pool resurfacing? If so, here are our answers to some of the most common questions we get from our clients.

What Does Swimming Pool Resurfacing Involve?

Swimming pool resurfacing is a comprehensive process where the interior surface of a pool is renewed or replaced. It typically includes repairing cracks, removing old finishes, and applying a fresh, durable coating or material to restore the pool's appearance, functionality, and safety. This transformation not only enhances aesthetics but also prolongs the life of your pool.

How frequently should I resurface my pool?

The frequency for pool resurfacing depends on various factors such as the pool's usage, climate, and the quality of previous resurfacing. As a general guideline, pools typically benefit from resurfacing every 7 to 10 years. However, if you notice visible signs of wear, like cracks, chipping, or roughness, it's advisable to consider resurfacing sooner to maintain both the aesthetics and structural integrity of your pool.

How do I know if my pool needs to be resurfaced?

Signs that your swimming pool may require resurfacing include peeling plaster, rough texture, stains, chalky residue, unexpected reductions in water level, and spider web fissures.

How do I know if my pool needs to be resurfaced?

Look for signs such as cracks, peeling or rough spots on the pool's interior surface. Additionally, if you notice persistent leaks, a drop in water level, or if the pool's finish appears faded or stained despite cleaning, these are indicators that it might be time for resurfacing.

What is the average remodeling process for a pool?

The average pool remodeling process involves consultation, design planning, preparation, structural repairs (if needed), finish application, equipment installation, water filling and testing, final touches, inspection, and approval. The timeline varies depending on the project's scope and any unexpected issues.

What are the advantages of remodeling a pool?

Remodeling a pool offers several advantages, including enhanced aesthetics, improved functionality, increased safety, energy efficiency, and the opportunity to incorporate modern features and technology. It also adds value to your property and provides a fresh, enjoyable swimming experience for you and your family.

When is the ideal time of year to rebuild a pool?

In Plano, Texas, pool resurfacing can be carried out year-round thanks to the city's favorable climate. However, due to higher demand during the summer, it's advisable to schedule your project during the quieter winter months. This ensures that you have ample time for renovations without disruptions, allowing your pool to be in top shape for the upcoming swimming season.

How long will the pool resurfacing process take?

The duration of the pool resurfacing process can vary depending on factors like the pool's size, the extent of repairs needed, and weather conditions. On average, it can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks.

Love Your Pool Again


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Plano East, a vibrant neighborhood in Plano, offers a perfect blend of suburban charm and urban amenities. With top-rated schools, lush parks, and a welcoming community spirit, it's an ideal place for families. Enjoy shopping, dining, and a thriving cultural scene, all in this dynamic corner of Plano.

1201 Park Apartments

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With its picturesque lakes, meticulously landscaped grounds, and luxurious homes, this neighborhood offers a serene retreat. Enjoy the charm of lakeside living in the heart of Plano. Lakeside On Preston, an exclusive Plano community is a haven for those seeking elegance and tranquility.

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Defined by borders encompassing Park Boulevard to the north, Shiloh Road to the east, East 14th Street to the south, and Avenue K to the west Plano Park, is situated in the northeastern part of Plano. his welcoming neighborhood boasts convenient access to many places.

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Willow Bend Polo Estates, an exclusive enclave in Plano, is bordered by the prestigious Willow Bend Country neighborhood to the west and White Rock Creek to the east. Nestled among affluent neighborhoods, it combines elegance and prestige.

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Willow Bend Estates

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Estates of Russel Creek

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Willow Bend Country

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Pitman Creek Estates

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Hills at Prestonwood

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Oak Point Estates

Nestled near the tranquil Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve, this community offers a perfect blend of suburban living and natural beauty. Bordered by the serene neighborhoods of Timber Brook and Russell Creek, Oak Point Estates provides a peaceful retreat in the heart of Plano's scenic landscape.

Stone Lake Estates

Located near the scenic Stonebridge Lake and bordered by the Dallas North Tollway and Sam Rayburn Tollway, this community seamlessly combines suburban tranquility with convenient access. Experience the serene beauty of Stone Lake Estates in Plano, Texas.

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Found near the scenic Spring Creek and bordered by the vibrant legacy of Plano's historic downtown, this community offers convenience and a sense of community. Enjoy proximity to local parks, shopping centers, and cultural attractions.

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Highlands of Russell Park

With a diverse population enjoying the proximity to scenic Russell Creek Park, and neighboring vibrant communities like Kings Ridge and Willow Bend, this enclave is home to a thriving community of around 50,000 residents, creating a dynamic and welcoming atmosphere for all.

Chase Oaks Villas

Originally settled in the late 19th century, this neighborhood has evolved into a community known for its unique architectural heritage. Bordered by the scenic Chase Oaks Golf Club, the area has preserved its historical character while offering modern living.

Post Oak Estates

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Carrington Park Apt

Bordered by the lush greenery of Hoblitzelle Park and Russell Creek Park, residents enjoy proximity to recreational havens. With schools like Andrews Elementary and Rice Middle School in the neighborhood, it provides an ideal setting for families seeking a balanced and enriching lifestyle.

Creeks of Willow Bend

Surrounded by the scenic beauty of Willow Bend Country Club, this community offers a perfect blend of suburban charm and natural serenity. Bordered by Whiffletree and Prestonwood, the Creeks of Willow Bend provide a peaceful retreat in the heart of Plano's picturesque landscape.

Green of Gleneagles

Bordered by the prestigious Gleneagles Country Club and neighboring vibrant communities, this enclave is home to a thriving population of approximately 2,000 people. The lush surroundings and dynamic atmosphere in Greens of Gleneagles thrive amidst the green landscapes.

Pasquinellis Parker Estates

Situated near the serene Parker Road and bordered by the Dallas North Tollway, this community seamlessly combines suburban tranquility with easy access to major highways. The upscale residences and the convenience of nearby amenities make it an ideal destination in the heart of Plano.

Parker Road Estates

The proximity to renowned establishments like the Shops at Legacy and the energetic atmosphere of Legacy West make Parker Road Estates a coveted address. It is bordered by the vibrant Parker Road and this community offers a perfect blend of suburban charm and convenience.

Wellington at Preston Meadows

Originating in the mid-20th century, this community has evolved into a haven of modern living. Bordered by the legacy of Preston Meadow Park, Wellington preserves its historical character while offering contemporary comforts.

Willow Bend Lakes

Bordered by the scenic beauty of Willow Bend Country Club, this community offers an ideal blend of suburban tranquility and upscale living. Conveniently located near the Dallas North Tollway, this neighborhood ensures easy access to major highways.

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