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We combined our swimming pool construction experience and our concrete resurfacing knowledge, to become a specialized pool resurfacing contractor in Plano, Texas.  Being entrenched in building brand new swimming pools, we eventually realized there are many more existing swimming pools that need to be resurfaced and remodeled in north Dallas.  We shifted gears from building new pools to remodeling and resurfacing existing pools, and it proved to be the right decision.  Faster turn around times, unlimited work, and more satisfied customers.  With our skills, knowledge, and experience, the other pool resurfacing companies in Plano cannot even come close to our affordable price points and excellent workmanship.  We won’t be the bottom of the barrel cheapest price, but were in the sweet spot for overall value.


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Message From The Owner:

Hi, my name is Eric and I’m the owner and operator of Plano Pool Resurfacing. I have 15+ years of swimming pool resurfacing & building experience. To me, the most rewarding part about what we do is to give our customers the absolute confidence and satisfaction that their swimming pool is going to last another 15+ years.

But that’s enough about me, you’re here because your swimming pool needs to be resurfaced. Am I right?

Take a look around our site and give us a call if you’re looking for quality craftsmanship at an affordable price. You always get what you pay for. Give us a call for anything related to swimming pool resurfacing, plastering, refinishing, crack repairs, concrete spalling, swimming pool remodeling, pool resurfacing contractors in Plano, pool deck resurfacing, leak testing and detection, pool resurfacing in Plano Texas, swimming pool automation, swimming pool acid wash, pool resurfacing contractors Plano……I think you get what I’m saying here. If you have a swimming pool in Plano and need anything “resurfacing” related done to it, we can help.

We are guilty of completing our jobs to perfection, making sure you are happy, and being proud of our work.

We are located in Plano and work all over north Dallas, Richardson, Frisco, Garland, Carrollton, and all over the the north Dallas area is where we like to work.

If you have any questions, give us a call and we’ll do our best to answer your questions.



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Pool Resurfacing Done The Plano Way

Our beloved city of Plano is not the capital of pools, or the place where they were invented, but they definitely play a major role in our lifestyle and our ability to endure our expansive, strong heat.

As Texans, we love our city, our weather, and we aren’t afraid to go big. So, if it were up to us, we would be the world’s pool capital, and we are ready to contribute towards this lofty goal with our own grain of salt.

The variety of surfaces and finishes available for your pool deck is surprisingly large for newcomers. In addition to the old school Portland cement plaster, we can offer aggregate blends, fiberglass, tiles, Diamond Brite, Hydrazzo, and even pebble or quartz-based finishes. Learn more about the most popular options below.

  • Concrete – A good old fashioned coat of Portland cement has two main advantages. It is relatively affordable and can last for up to 10 years – although the average is 7. In addition, potential repairs tend to be less costly, even if a bit more frequent, than with some of the high-tier options. If you choose a colored concrete blend, it is also highly customizable.
  • Aggregate Cement – This is quite similar to standard cement, but with some granite or quartz thrown in for extra durability or a bit of shimmer. Depending on the exact blend, aggregates can also be used to enhance or darken colored concrete
  • Fiberglass – A great option for those who have children or pets, this is the easiest surface to keep clean, thanks to its nonporous texture. It is also easy to customize and to install, especially in irregularly shaped pools.
  • Tiles – For those who want to explore their own artistic patterns and vintage-inspired design choices, tiles can be a great investment. Tiles are generally regarded as a premium coating option, although there is a large range of qualities and finishes among tiles themselves. They last very long and allow for easy localized repairs.

If you are looking for the best possible pool resurfacing in Plano or have any doubts about the perks each option provides, just contact us. We can help you improve your existing pool, increase its appeal, add security features such as non-slip floors or expansions, or even redo your whole deck.

Cost-Conscious? Learn More about the Cost of Concrete Pool Resurfacing in Plano

Concrete pool resurfacing is the most budget-friendly option for those who are looking to remodel their pool. However, even within the concrete replastering family, there are several options you can explore. Each one of them will allow you to customize the final look of your pool, add a bit of resistance, or simply keep your final budget on a tight leash.

The first and most important factor that will determine the final cost of your pool resurfacing job will be the chosen material. Plain concrete, aggregate, colored blends, and pebble finishes all have a slightly different cost per square foot.

In addition, both the size and shape of your pool will affect the size of your final budget. Estimates for materials are usually calculated per square feet, and irregular shapes or curved edges are more time-consuming to work with.

Out of all types of concrete, standard cement tends to be the most inexpensive. Colored concrete options, on the other hand, don’t increase the price by much, but do add a lot of opportunities to customize.

Higher-end options, such as aggregate take décor to the next level and also add some extra durability to the package. Diamond Brite pool resurfacing is a crowd favorite as it comes in a variety of colors and adds a beautiful glimmer to your pool surface that will make it look like an oasis. In addition, this proprietary blend can last up to 12 years, instead of 7. It is also very easy to maintain. Acid washing treatments are necessary every five years, but are simple enough to do.

Need a pool resurfacing option in Plano but your budget is a bit tight? Consider a Diamond Brite upgrade if you are looking to reap the biggest return from your investment and want to secure some long-term maintenance savings!

Fiberglass Pool Resurfacing: The Cost of Keeping your Family Healthy

When trying to choose the right material to coat your pool deck with, it may seem hard to strike the right balance between cost, durability, and beauty.

If you are considering adding a fiberglass surface, keep in mind that size will be the most important factor for you. Fiberglass is notoriously friendly for curvy edges and irregular or custom-shaped pools, which only adds to its many advantages.

Unlike concrete, fiberglass is not only easier to apply around curves, but it is also non-porous, which will limit the growth of any algae or bacteria that could harm your family’s health. Although a bit more sensitive to heavy banging, it also allows for localized repair jobs should you get any cracks on the surface.

The cost of a fiberglass pool repair job will depend on the size of the crack. However, you can rely on our expertise to ensure everything is done efficiently. We will leave your pool looking like new in no time!

Interested in a quality fiberglass pool resurfacing in Plano? Just give us a call or send us some pictures of your pool and tell us the size, and we’ll work on a quote for you!

Pool Replastering, Pool Deck Resurfacing, and Pool Tile Repairs in Plano

The Plano Pool Resurfacing Company is not just one of the most experienced pool resurfacing companies in the area. We are also one of the most versatile ones! We offer a wide range of pool remodeling and repair services and we have ensured to keep a staff member with extensive experience in each field.

Just Tell Us what You Need

  • Someone to replace your pool tiles
  • Fixing cracks on your fiberglass pool surface
  • Deck repair jobs
  • Resurfacing your pool deck
  • Maintaining or beautifying your pool deck
  • Replacing ladders or handrails

Whether you need us to redo the entire area, or a quick standalone job, just give us a call. No job is too small for us – and no project too ambitious.

We can repair the damaged area, repolish it, and leave it like nothing ever happened. We can fill in any cracks, repair or replace the tiles that didn’t make it, or give you a completely new texture or pattern.

If fresh starts and new beginnings are more your thing, feel free to ask for our complete pool resurfacing service. We can install décor accents, provide you with a luxurious pebble finish, and change the overall vibe of your pool deck area.

Why Work with the Experts at Plano Pool Resurfacing Company?

Many of us are used to simply keeping an all-purpose handyman on our quick contact’s list: someone who can just as easily check your plumbing, clean your gutters, or do a quick pool repair job. However, by calling the Plano Pool Resurfacing Company, you’ll be getting real specialists to tackle your project.

Here’s what we can offer.

  • Knowledge and the ability to share it. We will walk you through the process and guide you in making the most efficient and beautiful choices that fit your budget and purpose.
  • Credentials. Our workers have all been extensively trained and they have the best recommendations we can offer: those of our past customers. Just ask to see pics of our past jobs!
  • Reliable work schedules. We understand that having contractors in your backyard is a hassle. We want to help you keep discomfort to a minimum by working on a realistic schedule for each step of the process. A rushed job may not be the best job, so we’ll give you a thoroughly-planned one instead.
  • Comprehensive warranty and maintenance. We don’t like to simply disappear on our past jobs. We will stand by our work, call you when recommended maintenance is due, and make ourselves available if any problems arise.

We are a service-oriented team of professionals with a love for landscaping and a weakness for perfection. By training each member of our crew in our philosophy, we have built a reputable name and cultivated a prized skill set for pool resurfacing. Give us a call so we can put it at your service!



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