Next Level Pool Remodeling in Plano!

Are you ready to bid farewell to your old, worn-out pool? If that's the case, you've come to the right place. Plano Pool Resurfacing is the top pool remodeling contractor in Plano. Our team of experts has the skills and resources to make your dream pool come true.

At Plano Pool Resurfacing, we understand how important your pool is to you. Pools are a great place to relax and make memories with family and friends, and we want to help your pool hit new heights.
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Pool Remodeling in Plano

Transforming your ordinary pool into a private outdoor haven is effortless with our skilled pool technicians. Whether you aim to repair or add new elements, our experts have the knowledge and tools to bring your dream pool to life.

We guide you through all your options, answering any questions you may have. Whether you're in the early planning stages or ready to revamp your pool in Plano, trust Plano Pool Resurfacing & Plastering.


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Signs Your Pool Needs Remodeling

Identifying when your pool requires an update can be challenging. Watch out for signs like cracks, holes, leaks, and outdated plumbing or equipment. These issues can lead to significant damage if left unaddressed.

Cracks and Holes

Detecting and fixing leaks and cracks in your pool is paramount. Often overlooked, these issues can lead to significant damage to your pool's base and the surrounding area. When such problems arise, a comprehensive pool overhaul becomes necessary. This not only halts further costly damage but ensures a complete resolution, guaranteeing your pool's longevity without leaks or breaks.

Outdated Plumbing, Pumps, Filters, and Equipment

The aging of your pool's pipes, pumps, filters, and equipment is a compelling reason for a pool update. These components are crucial for maintaining a clean and safe pool environment. Despite their outward appearance, if your pool is over a decade old, there's uncertainty about their long-term durability. The technology initially installed in your pool aligns with its age, necessitating a full replacement.

Equipment showing signs of age, malfunctioning, or emitting unusual sounds, such as buzzing, grinding, or screeching, indicates the urgency of replacement. A modernized pool system ensures optimal functionality, keeping your pool consistently clean and safe.

Why Remodel Your Pool?

Remodeling your pool brings numerous benefits, including energy cost savings, improved safety with updated lighting, a modern design update, enhanced pool deck aesthetics, increased size, and overall improved functionality.

Enhance Energy Efficiency

Remodeling your pool presents an opportunity to cut down on long-term energy costs. Older pools tend to be less energy-efficient, and our commitment to sustainability means we exclusively use the most energy-efficient components in your remodeled pool. This ensures that your revamped pool is not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally friendly.

Enhance Safety and Illumination

While a complete pool remodel may not be necessary solely for changing lights, it's a crucial consideration if you opt for a renovation. Malfunctioning lights pose a safety risk, particularly for young pool users. Addressing lighting issues during remodeling is optimal, as it allows us to tackle potential electrical problems comprehensively. We recommend the installation of LED lights, known for their brightness and efficiency. Opt for color-changing LEDs to add an interesting visual element to your pool.

Embrace a Modern Design

Pool designs evolve, and if your pool's aesthetic is outdated, it's worth considering an update. This not only enhances the visual appeal but also boosts your property's value and promotes energy efficiency. Older pools often lack modern features, but a rebuild allows you to select and incorporate any contemporary elements you desire, from spas and hot tubs to grills and fire features.

Revitalize Your Pool Deck

A fading or deteriorating pool deck provides a compelling reason for a pool upgrade. Plano Pool Resurfacing possesses the expertise to rejuvenate your pool deck, even if it faces issues like wood rot, chemical spots, or mildew. Revamping your pool deck contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal and safety of your pool area.

Expand Your Pool Size

As families and friend groups grow, the need for additional pool space becomes apparent. As the premier swimming pool makeover company in Plano, we can efficiently expand your pool, making it larger or deeper to accommodate all your loved ones. Transform your pool into a spacious oasis that caters to the evolving needs of your family and friends.

Our Pool Remodeling Services

Plano Pool Resurfacing & Plastering is your go-to for a range of pool remodeling services. From resurfacing the pool's walls to updating pool decks and handling repairs or replacements, our skilled team ensures your pool is in top condition.

Constructing Walls and Resurfacing

The surface of your pool inevitably weathers and wears over time, losing its invincibility. This can diminish its visual appeal and create a rough, unwelcoming texture. Moreover, a worn-out surface increases the likelihood of cracks and structural damage, potentially causing significant harm.

Undoubtedly, the most effective solution to address these issues is pool resurfacing. Our proficient pool experts possess the necessary tools to execute a swift and thorough resurfacing, instantly elevating your pool's aesthetics, durability, and longevity.

Upgrading Pool Decks

A beautiful pool loses its charm if the surrounding deck is deteriorating. Common issues like cracks, weather damage, and wood rot can quickly detract from the overall ambiance. If your pool deck has seen better days, our professionals can undertake a remodel, introducing exciting features that breathe new life into your pool, garden, and home.

Repairs and Replacements

Our premium retiling services simplify the process of fixing or replacing broken tiles, ensuring you can promptly resume enjoying your pool. Broken or missing tiles not only detract from the visual appeal but also pose safety risks. The plumbing system in your pool plays a crucial role in its functionality, cleanliness, and safety. Older water systems tend to be less efficient and consume more energy than their newer counterparts. Whether you require comprehensive system repairs or replacement of a single broken part, trust Plano Pool Resurfacing—we take pride in being Plano’s top pool rebuilding company, offering only top-tier equipment.

Lighting Installation

The choice of lighting significantly impacts the quality and effectiveness of your pool lighting system. While LEDs stand out as the best and most environmentally friendly option, we can address, replace, or install any lighting solution to meet your specific needs and preferences, ensuring the safety of your pool.

System Upgrades

For those with chlorine pools seeking an alternative, consider installing a saltwater system. Saltwater pools contain significantly less chlorine than their counterparts, offering cost-effectiveness and environmental benefits. These systems require less maintenance and are gentler on your skin, hair, and eyes. Trust us to guide you through the process of upgrading your pool system for enhanced enjoyment and sustainability.


Enhance Your Experience with Add-On Features

Not every pool requires a complete remodel, especially if it's aged or has issues. At Plano Pool Resurfacing & Plastering, we present an array of luxurious add-ons that will elevate your pool to new heights and become the talk of the neighborhood. Explore some of our popular choices:

Water Features

Captivate attention instantly by incorporating fascinating water features into your pool's design. We offer a myriad of unique choices, from water walls to fountains and more, leaving you wishing you had updated your pool sooner.

LED Lights

Embrace the contemporary standard for home swimming pools—LED lights. They outshine other lighting options in various aspects. Bright and energy-efficient, LEDs make your pool environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and safer. Their extended lifespan reduces maintenance, while programmable color-changing options allow customization through smart devices like phones and tablets.

Spa and Hot Tub Installation

Take your outdoor paradise to the next level by adding a spa area or hot tub. We can transform your pool into the spa of your dreams, featuring a heated pool, water jets, and seamlessly integrated hot tubs.

Fire Pit Ambiance

Enhance those late summer pool nights by adding a fire pit for warmth and light. The dance of flames reflecting off the water creates a mesmerizing spectacle. Whether you desire a standalone fire pit or want to incorporate a grill for cooking, we'll tailor a plan to meet your needs and complement your outdoor space.

Rock Installation

Introduce a natural aesthetic to your pool with a rock feature, seamlessly blending it into your yard. Our expertise lies in customizing these elements to your exact specifications, ensuring a unique look that harmonizes with your surroundings.

Water Slides

Appeal to thrill-seekers of all ages by easily adding a water slide provided your pool is deep enough. Plano Pool Resurfacing & Plastering can swiftly and effortlessly incorporate this exciting feature into your pool.

Sun Shelves

Create ideal spots for sunbathing with sun shelves—perfect for families introducing young children to swimming. Shallow and obstruction-free, these shelves offer a relaxing space where you can enjoy the sun while keeping an eye on the entire pool. Elevate your pool experience with these captivating add-ons designed to enhance both aesthetics and functionality.

Understanding the Cost of Pool Remodeling

Determining the cost of a pool remodeling project involves various factors, such as the pool's size, required repairs, and the materials used in the makeover. Estimating the exact cost of a standard pool remodeling job can be challenging due to these variables.

Every pool remodeling project is unique. Smaller ones, involving minimal changes, may cost only a few thousand dollars, while larger, more comprehensive projects could reach up to $100,000. The wide range in costs emphasizes the need for a personalized assessment.

To obtain an accurate understanding of your project's cost, we recommend reaching out to us. We offer a convenient, no-cost consultation during which our experts will visit your home, assess your pool, and provide a fair and precise quote for your planned renovation. Our goal is to devise a plan that aligns with your objectives and remains within your budget constraints. Contact us today to initiate this process and gain clarity on the costs associated with transforming your pool.

The Pool Remodeling Process

The process of remodeling can vary based on your preferences. Whether you aim to enhance the pool or transform the entire area, Plano Pool Resurfacing & Plastering is your go-to company for all your pool repair needs, catering to your specific desires.

If you're considering changes to your pool, the crucial consideration is the material it's made of. We are adept at working with various pool construction materials, ensuring a seamless transition from inspection to renovation after providing you with a detailed quote.

Predominantly, swimming pools are constructed using plaster and concrete. Revitalizing a pool involves a straightforward procedure. Initially, we'll empty the pool, addressing any leaks or cracks in the foundation. Following that, the surface undergoes sandblasting to eliminate worn-out plaster, concluding with the application of a new, durable plaster coating.

Transforming Your Outdoor Haven

Plano Pool Resurfacing & Plastering goes beyond enhancing your pool; we can revolutionize your entire outdoor space. Why limit yourself to just a pool when you have the opportunity to create a multifunctional outdoor area?

Our exceptionally skilled team offers a diverse range of pool and garden renovation services, simplifying the process of crafting the backyard you've always envisioned.

Feel free to reach out if you're contemplating a comprehensive pool makeover in Plano, and let us turn it into a space your family and friends will adore. Our expertise extends to installing outdoor kitchens, grills, pool speakers, outdoor bars, hot tubs, fire pits, water features, patio spots, and much more.

We specialize in transforming dreams into reality, so settle for nothing less than your envisioned paradise for your pool and garden.

Comprehensive Commercial Pool Remodeling Solutions

We take pride in catering to a diverse clientele, serving both residential and commercial customers in Plano. While commercial pools often pose unique challenges due to their larger scale and complexity, our exceptionally skilled and qualified pool technicians possess extensive experience in maintaining and renovating them. Trust us to handle the intricacies of commercial pool remodeling with precision and professionalism.

Make sure to check our other services as well. We also offer Pool Equipment Installation service.


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