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An experienced pool resurfacing contractor can make your pool look and feel brand new even no matter what condition it’s currently in.  Finding someone who can replace a couple of broken tiles or fill in a crack is an easy enough job – and one that you are likely to find many affordable options for.  But for a full on pool resurfacing remodeling project, you will want to take your time and get quotes from at least 3 pool resurfacing contractors in Plano.

So, why trust the experts at Plano Pool Resurfacing? Because we know what we are doing and we have found the sweet spot where a reasonable budget meets good craftsmanship, realistic deadlines, and lasting results!

We can’t promise to be the cheapest option around, or to finish the job before anybody else. However, we can assure you of complete transparency, realistic deadlines, timeliness, and a high quality service.

About Our Work and Our Clients!

We have spent more than a decade doing what we do and building our reputation from the ground up. During this time, we have learned a couple of things about pools and pool owners alike.

There are pools of all sorts and sizes around Plano, Texas. However, on average, our customers have a 15,000 gallon pool and a yearly income of $75,000 to $100,000. The average cost of a swimming pool and home spa renovation can hover between $5,000 and $15,000, depending on whether it’s just the pool, or if you are taking the opportunity to completely redo your backyard, patio, and outdoor installations.

As you can see, we are not exactly targeting the city’s 1%, but we are definitely interested in those who are willing to take the extra time and effort needed to get everything right the first time. Our clients are young, up-and-coming families who are set to build a lasting home, and, therefore, want to invest in a pool that will see their toddlers or future children grow and thrive – a place to build memories on.

This is not something that should done cutting corners, is it?

The Basics of Pool Resurfacing

Our pool resurfacing and replastering jobs all come with a minimum warranty of 10 years – although if you are using fiberglass or high-tier tiles, the result will last more than that!

We are meticulous about the materials we work with and about prepping our work area. This allows us to craft strong, tightly-bonded surfaces that will remain pristine for a long time.

Afterward, most of clients are happy enough to refer us to friends and family. That is where most of our business comes from! We have cultivated our name and our brand, and you can be sure we will stand by our reputation when working for you.

If this is the first time you are remodeling your home spa or pool deck and have no idea what’s involved, we have compiled the following guide for you.

What does Pool Resurfacing Entail?

First: Drain the Grounds

Your pool’s future stability and endurance require some thorough prep work. We begin every job by ensuring everything will be dry and ready to go. One of our employees will come to perform a full inspection around the pool, its lights, and any pumps or bubble hoses you may have installed. Then, the pool will be drained and the area secured.

Second: Prep Space

Regardless of whether you chose colored plaster or multicolored tiles, no job would last if we didn’t make sure all surfaces are clean, polished, and ready to be layered. Our strip crew will come to your pool to sandblast and coat all surfaces.

This stage may be a bit noisy and dusty, but rest assured we will try our best to protect your surrounding landscaping and furniture. Of course, it will help us if you remove any pots, plants, and lawn chairs beforehand. We will make sure everything is vacuumed and clean after we are done.

Third: Install Tile and Masonry

Our tile and masonry workers will take over at this stage. They will install any special tile designs, ledger stones, coping, and other decorations that you may have chosen during the design process. This means that we will need your final say for all desired colors and materials before we start this step!

Depending on the size of the pool and the complexity of the design, this step usually takes between one and three days.

Fourth: Plumbing and Sealing

After the tiling is finished and dried, we will check the plumbing and seal it. This will ensure everything is watertight and ready for the last coat.

Fifth: Installing Your Favorite Finish

If you take a look at your pool at this stage, it’s likely you will have some trouble seeing the complete results of our work emerging. But fret not! After a quick wash of your pool shell, we will install the pool surface finish material that you have chosen.

Sixth: Treating it with an Acid Wash

If you chose a Pebble, Hydrazzo, or Beadcrete finish, your pool will need a final acid wash treatment before we can begin to fill it up. Some of the darker shades of Quartz finish also need this treatment. Our crew will come fully equipped and geared to ensure this is done safely.

Seventh: Clean Up, Fill Up, and Curing

Now, your pool is probably looking close to what you dreamed of –or it will as soon as we finish cleaning up! Afterward, we will fill up the pool until about the middle of your waterline tile and begin the initial water treatment. This part is essential to ensure the water’s safety as well as to ensure a lasting life for your new pool surface.

If you are already working with a reliable pool service professional, feel free to give them a call and let them handle it! The initial curing and water treatment process can take up to seven days and may require several visits and a few tweaks.

Once this is done, we will clean up again and ensure the site is left as pristine as we found it – and that no materials are left behind.



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