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Your outdoor pool is likely a source of pride in your home. It provides a setting for fun family memories and shows the outside world that your property is luxurious and elite. It may come as a surprise that pool maintenance is one of the most neglected areas of property upkeep by Plano homeowners. Unfortunately, even the best-maintained plaster in a pool will begin to deteriorate over time. Around 10 years is the maximum amount of time you can expect the pool’s plaster surface to effectively do its job before it needs replastering. A good pool plastering contractor in Plano will show you the different plaster grades and which ones will last the longest.

Due to the very nature of an outdoor pool, it’s continuously exposed to the elements. Direct sunlight, our scorching Texas climate, and permanent moisture contribute to the deterioration of a pool’s surface. Cracks can gradually appear in your pool’s plaster over time due to changing temperatures, inadequate steel placement, weak gunite, or slope creep. Whether the damages are minor and easily ignored, or larger and becoming unsightly, they can be more than just a visual issue.
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Your plaster serves a vital role in your pool’s structure, protecting the concrete underneath from water damage. If moisture reaches the concrete layer under your pool, your pool’s structural integrity can be compromised. This can lead to significant problems that will be more expensive to fix. Save yourself stress and money in the long run by having maintenance checks performed on your pool and be sure to call a professional pool plastering company in Plano, Texas, as soon as you spot any signs of a problem in your pool’s plaster.

Resolving potential issues as soon as they crop up will help keep your pool in good shape. It will also prevent significant damage, leading to costly repairs and help keep your family safe.


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Symptoms of pool plaster problems

Knowing when a maintenance check on your pool is essential can be tricky. This is because the majority of your pool’s surface is obstructed from view by the water. If you’re new to owning a property with a pool or just new to pool maintenance, you may struggle to identify what should be a cause for concern.

The following signs are good indications that your pool needs to be checked out by one of our Plano professionals:

  • Staining: Stains and discoloration on the surface of your pool are easily dismissed as a cleaning issue. Here in Texas, where we are renowned for having some of the country’s hardest water, the stains are often caused by minerals in the hard water. Mineral deposits, usually calcium and magnesium, can build up on your pool’s surface over time. Even a powerful cleaner or pressure wash will be unlikely to remove them. They are a notoriously difficult problem to address. The stains can become extremely unsightly and will only worsen if left untreated.
  • Age: If your pool’s surface is reaching its twilight years, it’s time to call in a professional. A professional pool plastering company can help assess how to prolong your pool’s life or discuss when a resurface is likely to be required. Plaster surfaces rarely last longer than a decade, with around seven to 10 years being the average lifespan of a surface before it needs replastering.
  • Bare patches: If your plaster has become so worn down in areas that your pool’s underneath structure is visible, then it’s definitely time to call in the professionals. As well as being visually unappealing, bare patches also mean that the layers beneath your pool’s surface are unprotected against water damage.
  • Rough areas: When areas of your pool’s surface become rough and grainy to the touch, it’s time to schedule a pool inspection. Rough patches can cause cuts, scrapes, and abrasions on the skin if you fall on them or brush your body along them while swimming. The gritty texture is also an ideal breeding ground for algae and harmful bacteria. It‘s imperative to address rough surface areas to protect yourself and your family from these hazards.
  • Cracks: Minor cracks can be perfectly normal, caused by settling after a pool is built or natural movements in the earth. However, larger, more pervasive cracks can be unattractive. They can even be hiding a more serious structural problem within your pool. Schedule a professional pool inspection for your Plano property to assess the damage. Cosmetic cracks can be left untreated if they are not harmful to the pool’s integrity, or you can choose to have them plastered for a sleeker finish. This is an especially popular option if you plan to sell your house.

Pool plastering options

Like all property elements, you want your pool to reflect your own personal taste and style. We offer several plastering options to our Plano customers, allowing for custom design and expressions of individuality. Various materials are available to suit your needs, many of which can be color-customized for personal preference. Some of our options are:

  • Traditional plaster: This is the most popular material for pool resurfacing, owing to how cost-effective and long-lasting it is. When applied by a skilled professional, a plaster surface will last up to 10 years.
  • Quartz and plaster mix: This conventional plaster mix has additional quartz pieces added to give your pool a more exciting look. The quartz will catch the sun and give a slight sparkle effect.
  • Pebble finish: This blended material, though more of an initial cost, lasts longer than other pool surfacing methods. With a lifespan of up to 20 years, pebble finishes are incredibly durable and work well to camouflage imperfections. This means that not only will your pool surface last longer, but it will also look better for longer.
  • Hydrazzo: This shiny finish is popular for modern pools. It looks smooth and elegant, is very durable, and is available in various color options.

Is it time to resurface your pool? Give us a call for a free quote!

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